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A ban message

A ban from Nitro Type and Nitro Math entails an indefinitely-lasting inability to access one's own account due to admin intervention. Similar to most games, admins give bans after they believe that a user has broken the rules.

When a player is banned, their profile is made unable to view, and any attempts to go to the link of a banned racer's profile will simply redirect to the homepage.

In some cases, a player's account might also receive a warning or flag, which is a message that shows before a user logs in. Warnings do not restrict account access, but it is added to the flagged account's moderation history, which admins may then view in the admin panel.


There are several reasons why a player might be banned, including, but not limited to:


Cheating, also known as botting, is the use of third-party software to complete races, rather than typing legitimately. It is the most common ban reason - while asssa123 was an admin he stated that up to 80 cheaters per minute were automatically banned by Nitro Type's anti-cheat detection system.

When a player is banned for cheating, the message usually simply shows "Reason: Cheating", although it may sometimes show "Reason: Multiple Violations - Cheating".

One may also see this ban reason after being transferred a large sum of cash from an account that was a) linked to the player's IP address AND b) was clearly botted on.

Credit card fraud

Users will usually be banned for this reason if they have made a large amount of Gold or cash purchases with a credit card whose owner subsequently cancelled the transactions in question.

Offensive display name

Due to Nitro Type's target audience, there are many display names that are not allowed. Nitro Type has filters on all user-inputted content; however, in some cases it is easily bypassable. Although it is not often that a player's account will be banned for an offensive display name (the account is usually simply warned), bans for this reason have occurred.

Exploiting Bugs/Glitches

One may be banned for this reason (or one similar to this) after abusing a certain game-breaking glitch or exploit that gets them an unfair advantage, be it competitively or otherwise. If a user gets banned for abusing a glitch, it is likely that it was game-breaking enough for them to have earned Bug Smasher had they reported it instead of abusing it.

News bans

Prior to the removal of news comments in August 2019, admin-appointed moderators of the news comments were able to indefinitely ban players from commenting on the news. When a player was banned from the news, however, they were still able to access their account. Many players would sometimes distinguish this type of ban from others by referring to a typical, account-deleting ban as a "permaban" and a restriction on news commenting abilities as a "news ban".


Temporary Ban

Temporary Ban

Prior to December 30, 2020, all bans were indefinite. To get unbanned, one would have to use the support form or email Corndog or Travis directly. On the aforementioned date, temporary bans began to be administered, but even for certain offenses, indefinite bans are still given, and so this system is still in place.

Notable bans

  • The account with the username "f**k" was one of the first few accounts ever to be made on the website. It is unknown when the account was banned, but around 2017 - 2018, DangerBob accidentally discovered that the account existed. Players were able to use the password "123456" and see the ban message "Display Name". However, as of 2021, the account can no longer be logged into. It is assumed that the account was used by the admins to test the filter.

Vielle's name remains in the bad word filter as of April 2022.

  • Vielle's bans are perhaps the most well-known, and first major one in the Nitro Type community.
    • On February 9, 2014, Vielle set high speeds on two of his friends' accounts, who then went to the news comments and pretended that they were hacked. The admins believed that there truly was account compromising going on, and were able to link the high speed races to Vielle's IP address. After a day, his account (with over 31,000 races) was banned. Within the months after his ban, Travis and Corndog completely fabricated an explanation of his ban on the Nitro Type forums. Additionally, they deleted all of his news comments, some of which would include 5-10% of all news comments, along with any mention of him in previous news posts (although a few were missed), as well as adding his name to the filter in April 2014, where it still remains.
    • On October 2, 2017, then-newly-hired admin TheRedBaron unbanned Vielle's account, per his request. His account was re-banned 2 days later by Corndog with the reason being "Executive Order".
    • Vielle was finally unbanned on October 31, 2019, after establishing a good relationship with Travis.
  • asssa123 has been banned four times:
    • In 2014, his account was banned for a short time after he faked his death in the news comments.
    • On July 31, 2017, asssa123 gave Vielle access to his account. Using the account, Vielle then spammed the news with NSFW comments. asssa's account was unbanned shortly after, but his account remained news banned until January.
    • On November 11, 2019, 2 months after his demotion from admin, asssa123's account was banned due to repeated violations of his NDA. He was eventually unbanned on April 10, 2020.
    • In late 2021, asssa123 sold his account. The account was later banned in January 2022.
  • Nightmare, the person who the achievement Typing Nightmare was named after, has been banned several times. Most notably:
    • His first ban took place in September 2014 after he abused a site vulnerability to set ridiculously high speeds on people's accounts without having to log in.
    • His latest ban was for using third-party software to race for him. To this day, his original "dabestswagg" account remains banned, at over 28,000 races.
  • In summer 2015, a user named ALIJERON was well-known for buying many people Gold Memberships. His account was eventually banned for credit card fraud. His current account is RULALIN.
  • In March 2016, BugBear was banned with over 36,000 races.
    • She was known for her frequent name changes, leading some to believe that she was quite literally banned for "too many name changes", while others believed that it was too ridiculous of a reason.
      • After being banned, she never explicitly revealed her ban reason, but repeatedly theorized that iloveshoes2 asked the admins to ban her after seeing comments from her that seemed to not be in favor of her news moderation.
    • On July 27, 2019, asssa123 unbanned her and revealed that the reason why she was banned was "offensive display name", even though, at the time of being banned, her display name was "LittlePinkHead". However, despite being unbanned, BugBear continues to use her current account puppykisses, almost certainly due to it having a higher race count.
  • On January 26, 2018, Bremitorix was banned at 40,000 races after spamming the news using an alternate account with an inappropriate username. After giving information to Travis regarding a glitch, he was unbanned on June 23, 2018.
  • On March 9, 2019, former news moderator Andy5692's (username: modandy) account was banned after it was hijacked after years of inactivity to generate billions of cash through an API exploit.
  • On April 8, 2019, ayeyuhskuh's account was banned due to his intents to abuse site vulnerabilities to get into then-admin asssa123's account to subsequently ruin/take down the site. His ban, and events surrounding his ban, lead to and caused the Nitro Type Discord server split. ayeyuhskuh's account was unbanned on July 1, 2022. Despite 3 years since the incident happened, Nitro admins still received backlash upon less severity of bans to people who violated the TOS.
  • On July 21, 2020, Kocho was banned at 216,258 races, making her account the one with the highest race count to have been banned at the time. The admins unbanned her less than an hour after, saying that it was accidental.

Anshu's ban

  • On November 15, 2021, one of Anshu's Nitro Type accounts was banned for attacking the Nitro Type website by stealing admin accounts, DDoSing admins, attempting on multiple occasions to ruin the site, scamming, impersonating, threatening, and sexualizing other players, and abusing support. His stolen account was banned at 83,000 races. The account, however, has since been unbanned. Many of Anshu's other accounts have been banned since then.
  • On April 4, 2022, Morries was banned for botting at 328,520 races, making his account the one with the highest race count to have been banned. He was unbanned, however, on May 2, 2022.
  • On May 23, 2022, Mighty was banned at 222,429 races for lying to support.